Lip Syncing Battle


Come on down Saturday, August 26th and show off your Lip Sync Skills at our 1st annual Lip Sync Battle!!! Battle will start at 7pm and finish when the winner/winners have been named.

Here's what you need to do!!!

You can either be a solo act or get a team together. Each team/or solo act needs to come up with 3 songs that they would like to lip sync to. Please also include the artist's name so the DJ can look them up quickly when it is your turn. Please be advised that all 3 may not be used. It will depend on how many people we have signed up. We will choose the final song to determine the winner. Lip syncers will not know what songs the other participants will be using. Dressing up is strongly encouraged but not required. It just makes this event more fun so dress the part if you want to!!! Voting will be audience based and we will have voting tickets that you can "purchase". All of those ticket proceeds go towards our annual kids Christmas party that we put on each year.

2 ways you can sign up your team or solo act ( name and songs). There is a sign-up sheet posted down at the club that you can write your name or your group's name, the name of your songs, and the artist who sing them. You can also get ahold of Dottie Heuker or Heidi Arnsburg via Facebook Messenger with your info aswell. We will need this info before the 26th :)
  • Vytautas Aid Society
    1300 Hamilton Ave NW, Grand Rapids
  • Saturday Aug 26
  • Event on Facebook